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Welcome to Big Horn Ridge in Montana, home of burly, buff, bearded mountain men who are soon to meet their strong, curvy matches!

Inspired by their book club boyfriends, six single girls wish on a shooting star for the lover of their dreams…

But you know what they say:
Be careful what you wish for, because wishes come true!

Hot, handsome, lonely IT nerds.
Strong, curvy women.
All the instalove.

The members of the Single Dads Club stick together.

They hang out and have fun together. They learn from each other and support each other. They’re tight.
But would they give it all up for their forever loves?

Damn straight they would. And things are about to change…

Tiny, tourist-magnet Dogwood Falls, in the mountains of North Carolina,
is home to men who know how to love fiercely.

The Dogwood Inn is a fixture in Dogwood Falls, NC, offering overnight accommodations and down-home cooking.
Nona Barrett’s six granddaughters carry on the family tradition of finding room at the inn . . .
and they have room in their hearts for their true loves too.

The firefighters and EMTs of Rivertown’s Station 9
are looking for forever love.

The same hot alphas you love.
The same curvy girls you can relate to.
The same short, sweet, sexy instalove stories you want . . . at the lake.

These hot alpha blue-collar guys fall hard for their curvy ladies and rescue them from all kinds of situations: a broken-down car, a building permit, repairs to a roof, A/C repair, fixing front steps, rebuilding a fence, and a stuck elevator.  

In the beautiful Appalachians is a mountain range called Moonlight Ridge,
home to some of the manliest, most rugged men who ever lived.

They say passion shines bright there.

Meet Rivertown Rowdies minor league baseball players Justin, Danny, and Luis — and the curvy women they claim as their own for always!

The Kelly brothers run an Irish pub in Baltimore.
When they meet their matches — a folk singer and a bartender —
Irish eyes start smiling. . . and the bar heats up!

‘Tis the season for sweet sexy romance!
Early December is prime time at Sledd’s Christmas Tree Farm.

Sledd’s offers the full tree-cutting experience, with a Christmas Lumberjack to cut your tree for you. And when Adam, Jackson, and Dakota meet their respective matches,
that’s not all that’s on offer . . .

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